Agriculture Retail Locations

Agriculture Retail Locations

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LSB Industries’ E-2® ammonium nitrate prills are specifically developed to meet the needs of  bulk blenders in the fertilizer industry. The high density of E-2® (60 lbs./cu. ft.) is comparable to the weight and shape of the potassium and phosphorus components — allowing for easier mixing and reduced separation in transit to the farmers’ field.

Our wholesale fertilizer customers receive timely shipments by truck and rail from our El Dorado, Arkansas, plant. Customers can also pick up truckloads of ammonium nitrate at the El Dorado plant 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

LSB Industries operates both wholesale and retail fertilizer blend plants. Our continued growth through the acquisition of new plants allows us to serve a rapidly growing customer base. We currently operate wholesale blend plants in Texas and retail plants in Oklahoma and Texas.

Our retail facilities offer a full range of customer services, including soil fertility testing, custom blending and application and a supply of micronutrients, ag chemicals and seed.

Working closely with universities and fertilizer associations, LSB Industries is helping farmers achieve their crop production goals.

LSB’s crop production programs deliver effective, consistent results. From field to field. Season after season. Our knowledgeable, certified crop advisors are a major key to our success. They continually upgrade all programs to reflect current experience, education, research and field test data.

With LSB Industries, you can count on crop production programs that:

  • Are well planned.
  • Use realistic yield goals.
  • Are based on soil test results.
  • Consider soil types, geographic areas and farming practices.
  • Evaluate stored and potential growing season moisture.
  • Establish total nutrient requirements
  • Recommend fertilizer analysis, rates and method of application.
  • Evaluate past and potential insect and weed problems.

E-2® is a registered trademark of El Dorado Chemical Company, a subsidiary of LSB Industries, Inc.